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We the Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis.
WTU is a community group, all united in the shared belief in the most ancient, traditional and fundamental human right to be free to sow the seeds of the highly nutritious herb of the cannabis family, to care for and nurture, then harvest, prepare, medicate, enjoy and share, free from the fear of persecution, prosecution or prison for this fundamental health choice to manage our health, well-being and happiness with natural herbal cannabis.
As Humanity has done so for millennia until the lies of cannabis prohibition began in 1928.
We the Undersigned welcome all members of the universal canna family whether from the nutritional, therapeutic, relaxational, spiritual, creative or industrial branches of our CannaCommunity tree.
WTU are also uniting in attempt to secure legal representation to raise legal challenge against the British Government for its misrepresentation of the truth and its denial of our United Nations mandated fundamental human rights to freedom of consciousness, expression of identity, to peaceful beliefs and practices, to pursue the best quality of life, well-being and happiness possible FREE from the arbitrary interference from the State.
Prohibition is based on bigotry, lies and ideology. It is a brutal oppression of our CannaCommunity Culture and Traditions.
WTU seeks Peace and the end to the government-driven war on our CannaCommunity.
Please join and support us in our fight for freedom and equality!

Phil Monk